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March 1st - March 4th 2023
Las Vegas, NV


March 8th - March 11th | LAS VEGAS, NV

May 3rd - May 6th | MIAMI, FL

May 18th - May 21st | NAPA, CA

Go behind the scenes and be part of putting together a real Javier Valentino wedding!



Individuals who aspire to create over the top events and floral arrangements

Experienced designers looking to grow their skillset

Passionate individuals who want to pursue a dream

 Javier Valentino and his team will be teaching the different elements of event design, in addition to how we create our signature lush floral arrangements. This opportunity is open to everyone. You will experience and understand what it takes to execute a multi day install. This is limited to two (2) individuals that want to expand their knowledge in large scale event production or simply want to be a part of this unique experience. While floral is our main focus, you will also experience structural installations and everything in between. You will work with Javier Valentino himself, his Lead Designer, Director of Operations and Logistics, in order to get a full understanding of how all departments work together to make a production a successful one.  


Day 1: Meet the team and prep day.

On day one you will get to sit with Javier and understand how he sees the world and his process.

Day 2: Load in day and structural install.

Day two will give you a good idea of what to look for and how to coordinate a successful load in.

Day 3: Floral design and Install continues.

Day three is all things floral. From mechanics to design. 

Day 4: Floral design and wedding day!

The pressure is on on day four. All hands on deck and see how it all unfolds. 

Post Wedding: A zoom call with Javier Valentino will be scheduled following the wedding.

This will allow you to get all questions answered and serve as a recap and feedback from Javier Valentino.


This is a four day experience, however some timelines may be different than others based on the scale of production and 

space availability. 


Due to the privacy of our clients, we will not disclose who the event is for prior to you signing up. Upon arrival, an NDA and waiver will be required prior to the start of your experience. Travel and accommodations are not included. Meals will be provided only while on site.

Are you ready to book your spot?

Only two individuals will be allowed.


Next Steps

Fill out the form below and click Submit. 

We will reach out to you via email with an invoice. 


Please note that your spot is not secured by submitting the Form. Your spot is not reserved until your payment has been submitted and accepted. 



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